Hi! I'm Squirrel!

I am not a web developer, but I do spend a lot of time programming. I work for Squirrel Enterprise as CEO, CTO, developer, designer, and one of the only two employees. I like CSS transitions and I think everyone should use them. I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Electron, and am currently in the process of learing React and Node. I know a bit of Python. I like SVGs and Linux and you should not have come here. You can see my GitHub account here, and check out all the organizations I am in alone. Like my repositories? Please put up issues for any mistakes, and if you have a suggestion, also make an issue. No, I didn't mean it that way, it's just easier for me to see. If you would like to use my services, do it through Squirrel Enterprises - there is a 98% chance I will complete the work.(Did you notice the font?)

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My newest and greatest JavaScript browser game! With all the high quality images you could ever wish for, this game is simply fabulous! I recommend you try it! No, I insist you try it! Y'know what, I'm sending you there anyway! You can play the game here, the beta version here, or visit the GitHub repository here!

Gold Rush!

A simple-but-promising incremental game, made with JavaScript. This was my first game, and recently had a complete redo, with many new features which you will have to find out about yourself! You can play it here, or check ou the GitHub repository here, and if you use Linux, you can download the 0.9 version app here!

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While you are waiting, check out these sites!

numtoword on GitHub
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Hillside Township on GitHub Hillside
The Schoolarly Bay on GitHub The Schoolarly Bay

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Emails | thehillsidetownship@gmail.com, iloveplantsandfungi@gmail.com

Address | Oak forest, acorn path, that tree.